Best Places In Mykonos Greece

People traveling on buses knows a lot about this. After traveling by land and not by plane you are much better at studying the country and the area in which you are. You will see a lot more sights and beauty in contrast to the flight by plane.

In addition, all traveling in the same bus often become one big friendly company, with which it is much more fun and interesting to explore new countries and places. In this post to your attention, we invite you to read about the 6 most popular and valuable attractions that you should visit while traveling on Mykonos.

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Mykonos is one of the most fascinating Islands in Greece that is worth visiting. Could you be planning to visit Mykonos Greece but have no ideas about the places you can visit and have fun? There are numerous fantastic places in Mykonos that you can’t afford to miss anytime you visit Greece.

In fact, you will realize that a week vacation to Mykonos island will not be enough for you to explore all that this spot has to offer. Anytime you come to Mykonos there are certain places that need to be at the top of your list. Otherwise, your visit would never be considered to be complete if you miss these spots. In this article, we are going to look at the best places in that you can’t afford to miss while in Mykonos. Best Places In Mykonos Greece.

Mykonos Town

This should be your number one destination when you visit Mykonos. Your trip would be termed incomplete if you don’t visit this town. Mykonos Town also knows as Chora by the locals has photo opportunities at every corner. If you love taking awesome pics then this is your number one destination.

Little Venice

This is the most scenic region of Mykonos. You will find a lot of fun while here. Whitewashed building droop over the edge of this island, probably built on the sea rocks. Little Venice was built amid the 16th century when pirates were a threat. The locals constructed balconies hanging over the water so as to make it easy when loading and offloading their goods on ships without being stolen.

Mykonos Windmills

This is the most iconic sights in Mykonos island. Walk here if you want to have a panoramic view of the town and get to know more about the history of Mykonos. The Mykonos windmill dates back to the time when wind power was the only power used to grind grain. This region used to be known as Alefkandra, which means whitening since it was where the residents used to hang their laundry.

Paraportiani Church

This is the most photographed church in the world and is found in Mykonos Town. It is the most famous church ever know thanks to its architecture. It is a unique building made up of 4 chapels, that are constructed at different points in history.

Cavo Paradiso

This is yet another famous spot that you should never afford to miss when you visit Mykonos Island. It is an ideal place to hold parties and events while on your vacation. Whether you want a dive bar, cocktail lounge, night dance club, or beach club where you can enjoy dancing on the sand. Dancing and drinking begin in the afternoon till the late.

Ano Mera Village

This is yet another fantastic place that you should consider visiting while on your vacation to Mykonos. Here you can take a visit to the sacred spot and appreciate embroideries and wood carvings. The above are some of the best places that you should consider visiting if you want to have much fun while in Mykonos.