Cool Twitter Features You Need To Know About

While it’s true that there is an endless amount of tools and features that can help you, we want to see results at the end of the day. If you are new to Twitter or any other social media platform, you will need to know that there are some things you should fail to do. The greatest obstacle of them all is to create lots of friction and begin without having any support or guidance. You will fall into the pit of hate and bitterness because you will feel like social media is a scam.

For those on a fresh start, you can experiment with the chirpty Twitter circle. It might have a fancy hook on it, but it will give you spring for the Twitter life.  This feature is all about showing you who you interact with the most and attaches points to that particular person. In the end, you will end up with a summary circle of the people that you interact with on a daily basis.

It doesn’t mean that you limit yourself to this feature. There are other features that offer tremendous benefits to your experience. If you are interested, then let’s have a look at them.

Quote a Tweet


Tweeting is all about being active. When we say activity, we mean that you drive at having an opinion. Human nature loves activity just for the sake of it- even if it is not productive. If you can make yourself engaging and entertaining, then you can make considerable progress. You will have more meaningful conversations with other people online.

If you have a blog or a product, then this can come in handy when you are selling. It’s actually a technique in sales for the association.

Using Twitter Lists

It helps to filter out the world and have a sense of peace. And social media is one of those places. As we said earlier, we cannot avoid trolls, and we don’t want to waste a lot of time on Twitter. Unless that is your full-time job, you can use Twitter lists to use less time on the platform and still have an awesome experience.

You can have public lists and private lists. Private lists act as a medium for sorting out information. It can be used for you to follow your competitors and monitor what they are doing.

Public lists are mainly used to pull in like-minded people together and build relationships. The only disadvantage is that someone can agree or disagree on joining your list.

Tagging Accounts in Tweets

The best way to get your name out there is by showing it in other people’s notifications. You can tag up to ten accounts on the image of a Tweet. It is also subtle to attach an image to a tweet. This means that you can find the correct people to tag to a particular tweet.

Tagging is a great tool, but what matters is how you do it. Don’t overdo it and make a fuss over it. Tagging the same circle of people is boring and should be eliminated from your Twitter regime. You must consider the association of the content and the tagged accounts. You can use your lists for this purpose because they are a group of like-minded people like you. This will lead to better conversations and engagement outcomes in your posts.

Pinning a Tweet

This is basic yet powerful to create a reputation for yourself and your brand. It can be used when you are employing a follow-first strategy to grow your account. You see, when you follow an account, they are going to come to your profile to see if they are going to follow back. Once they do this, then they have a chance of seeing what kind of person you are. Judgment usually happens among the first things that they see. It helps to show them what you are before they came to a made-up conclusion.

Pinning a tweet means that the tweet will stay glued at the top of your profile page. Any person who comes to look at your profile will see your pinned tweet first.