Rash in Kids and Adults: Reasons to Self-Isolate

The onset of COVID-19 can be associated with the appearance of different types of skin lesions. They resemble nodules, blisters, abrasions, scales, and sores, and some are shaped like spots, seals, or meshes. Rashes can also occur in people who carry COVID-19 asymptomatically. In 21% of patients, dermatosis was the only symptom of SARS-CoV-2 infection. Similarly, 17% of people reported a skin rash as the first manifestation of the disease.

How to detect the virus

The frequency and occurrence of COVID-19 skin symptoms are difficult to determine. Also, the relationship between some skin symptoms and the severity of the disease is unknown. In addition, it cannot be ruled out that in some patients, skin lesions may manifest in a reaction to multiple COVID-19 treatments. But first of all, it is worth determining whether you have the disease, specifically coronavirus. FlowFlex antigen –°ovid test can quickly and accurately help with this. After that, you can examine the rash, which most often appears in children or young people and remains on the skin for several days.

What is included in the test kit

Now let’s learn about FlowFlex Covid test kit. The test detects SARS-CoV-2 antigen in nasal and nasopharyngeal swab samples and is taken directly from individuals with suspected COVID-19 disease. The rapid coronavirus test can also test samples from individuals with an asymptomatic disease course. The test kit includes test cassettes, a negative control swab probe, a positive control swab probe test kit, buffer tubes for extraction, disposable smear stylus tips, instructions for samples, and instructions for use.

Rash – where it appears and what it looks like

Skin lesions are often the body’s response to viral infections. However, in the case of COVID-19, doctors are surprised by the variety of skin rashes, when they appear and where they are located. Skin lesions associated with COVID-19 occur on different parts of the body, such as around the mouth, trunk, limbs, legs, and arms. They are not always accompanied by itching. The rashes associated with Covid-19 are varied and similar to skin lesions characteristic of other viral diseases, according to an expert study in Spain. They noted that skin changes did not correlate with the severity of the infection: some were accompanied by an asymptomatic course of COVID-19, others by severe forms of infection. Five varieties of rash were noted:

  • Non-symmetrical spots, similar to the result of frostbite on the hands and feet, are sometimes accompanied by soreness and itching. Mostly found in children and young patients with a mild disease course, they appeared in the late stages and lasted about 12 days.
  • Focal rashes in the form of small blisters, which could cause itching, were located on the body and upper and lower extremities. Appeared before any other symptoms; persisted for 10 days.
  • Focal rashes are similar to urticaria, white or pink, often with itching. They occurred mainly on the body and the palms of the hands.
  • A maculopapular rash can be in the form of small, flat, or convex blisters. These rashes persisted for about a week and appeared simultaneously with other symptoms but more often accompanied a severe disease course.
  • The appearance on the skin of a vascular red-blue network or signs of skin necrosis were noted in patients, mostly elderly, with a severe course of the disease.